Saturday, May 7, 2016

April 28, Bahia Candelleros

The following pictures are not our normal experience in Mexico!  We decided to anchor in Bahia Candelleros so we could take advantage of an option available to cruisers.  Cruisers are welcome to come spend the day at the 5-star Villa Del Palmar resort.  They welcome boaters to come in and for no charge can swim in their pools and if you choose, eat in one of their restaurants.  The restaurants are more of American prices though!  The resort was really quiet and we had a nice meal, a swim, and as you can see from photos and video below, an opportunity to ride the margarita mixer bicycle.  The resort has rigged an exercise bike with a blender, powered by the rider.  The kids were able to ride and make limonadas. We (Kathy and Steve) rode the bike and made margaritas.  They do not have a marina but a nice beach so we just anchored the dinghy out there, went in and exchanged a driver's license for 4 guest bracelets and were able to spend the afternoon on nice lounge chairs and enjoy.  Ok, so in the middle of the night, I did get sick.  Steve did not get sick but I was out of commission the entire next day with body aches and a headache, we figure food poisoning.  Steve ate mostly the same items so it did seem odd.

Steve mixing his margarita

Kathy made one too.

Cindy mixing her no-alcohol drink.
The bike is funny concept.  We might to make one for our
boat so we can get more exercise :-)
Kevin was the fastest of everyone.  He was making
limonadas for several smaller kids that were too small
for the bike.

Cindy and Kevin on the hammocks. 
Eating lunch at the very nice resort

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