Saturday, May 7, 2016

April 30, 2016 - Isla Carmen - Bahia Marquer

Bahia Marquer is just outside of Puerto Escondido on the east side of Isla Carmen.  We decided to try it and ended up spending two days here.  We did encounter a bit of rolling and swell but all in all, the nights were not too bad in the anchorage despite being open to the north.  Home school and a hike in a canyon were the fun and memories we took from here.  We also met David and Elena on s/v Tigress here.  They were the only other boat in the bay with us.  They are on a beautiful 50' catamaran.

The anchorage, looking to the south and west

Just about to enter the canyon
Working our way up the canyon
We had to climb this little drop-off it we were to continue.
Kevin takes a break in the shade.

Steve and Cindy continued on alone.

Returning to our dinghy after a few hours of canyon exploration

Look at the teeth on this guy,  Yikes.

Kevin holding the remains

Very large cactus

Ah, Mexico.  We are going to miss cruising here.

It was a great hike

This flower was growing in the middle of a boulder.
Just above it, to the left, is a shell that is part of the rock.

The canyon was an interesting, and unique adventure.

Flowering cactus

The gulls were enjoying the dinghy so the kids got out our weapons
Gull hanging out on our flopper stopper pole.

Now that's the LIFE  :-)

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