Sunday, May 22, 2016

May 15, 2016 - Candeleros

Agua Verde to Candeleros, Day 1 southbound to La Paz, was a nice calm start to four day trip when we left at sunrise.  See below a couple pictures of dolphins riding our bow wake.  Make sure to look at the videos as it is neat in the clear and calm water to watch.  We will definitely miss this sight!

Clear, calm water!  Dolphins are very fun to watch

Coming up for air

Dolphins playing in our bow wake

Another dolphin video

As we passed by Puerto Escondido, the hurricane hole, the winds picked up in the channel and as we anchored it was blowing 20knots.  We had been here before and knew it can get windy.  m/v Delta Swizzler hailed us and said that it had been blowing all day.

Small playground at Agua Verde, next to the school.
Day 2 was Candeleros to Agua Verde, only 18nm, and we left in blowing conditions about 25-30 knots.  When comparing to forecasts, local conditions can really differ.  We needed to stop there to drop items for the school children.  Some we brought and others came from donations at Loretofest.

forecast, so we expected smooth seas, NOT!
Actual true wind speed!

Day 3 was Agua Verde to Isla San Francisco.  Another rough day of traveling.  It is a favorite anchorage and we had hoped to get in there but winds were in the 20 knot range and the seas headed directly into the anchorage so we chose the north anchorage (north side of the island).  Seas were calm in there and we were happy to see m/v Daybreak with Jerome and Karen come in.  Steve and I went over and enjoyed some appetizers and visiting with them and some company they had onboard.

Day 4 we left at sunrise and planned to make it all the way down to La Paz.  The winds were not kind to us the entire trip of approximately 44nm with waves coming directly at us.  See the video attached for a summary of the conditions!  

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