Sunday, May 22, 2016

May 22, 2016 - Boat shipping update

The ship has arrived!  It is anchored just outside of La Paz.  It arrived around 2:00AM this morning (Sun May 22).  They will unload 6 boats today, the largest one being a 92' motor yacht.  This afternoon they will load 3 or 4 boats and then stop for the night.  Tomorrow morning 3 more boats will be loaded, and one of them is ours!  Then the ship leaves in the afternoon and steams north toward Victoria BC where we will be reunited with our boat in about a week.

When we first started to seriously consider shipping Adagio home, this ship was supposed to arrive in La Paz at the end of April.  That was going to give us plenty of time to get home and take care of some business, work on the boat, and possibly head to Alaska for the summer.  The schedule has been slipping ever since with the ship arriving later and later.  Now it is here, 3 weeks behind schedule.  Our summer trip to Alaska has been seriously cut into, time-wise.  If we decide to go north this summer we are going to have to literally race through Canada to arrive in Alaska with enough time left to really experience the wonderful scenery, wildlife, and villages.  It can still be done, but it's not how we envisioned it when we though we would be home in early May.  There are also some new opportunities that could change the trip to Alaska, but that is for another blog, if they do indeed pan out and change our original Alaska plans....

After our boat is loaded on the ship at 9:00AM Monday May 23, we are driving our rental car down to San Jose Del Cabo where we will check into a hotel.  Then we will drive around the area a bit to explore.  Tuesday around noon we fly out of San Jose Del Cabo and will be back in our home Tuesday night.

It is quite a strange feeling to know that we will not be boating and living in Mexico anymore.  This has been such a WONDERFUL family experience.  Memories, adventures, and a deep exposure to another culture that will certainly be with our kids for the rest of their lives.  It took 5 long years of planning, preparation, sacrifice, and commitment for this trip to become reality.  Kathy and I are so happy that we made that tough decision years ago, to "take a break from normal life" for two years with our children.  We wouldn't trade this experience for anything.

We are finally nearing the end of of our Mexican adventure......   ;-(

We will be seeing our friends and family soon.....    :-)

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