Thursday, May 19, 2016

May 9, 2016 - Isla Carmen - Ballandra

We had a great couple of days here.  We anchored in the shallowest water ever for us, with only 3 feet under our keel at times.  The anchorage, although not crowded, had people in prime areas and we had anchored in this part of the bay last year but just a bit further out with more water under us.  The next couple days were expected to be calm so we did not have to worry.  Steve used the Hookah dive system to clean one side of the bottom of the boat boat.  Mostly the rudder, the prop and shaft, and water intake grates, where growth has started.  Our new bottom paint job in San Carlos in January has kept the sea life from growing over most of the hull so the job is less work this year than last.  Steve still has to clean the other side of the boat before we get lifted and put on the freighter in La Paz (exact date still unknown).

The day after we arrived Tom and Annie from s/v Tappan Zee were coming into the bay as we were headed snorkeling.  What a welcome sight, we had said our goodbyes in La Paz several weeks ago and were not sure we would see them again. We had them over for drinks and appetizers later in the day with Mark and Cindy from m/v Delta Swizzler.

Beautiful Ballandra
Yes that is the shadow of the boat on the bottom of the sea.
At times we had 3 feet under the keel
Extremely clear water for snorkeling.  No jelly fish either.

The large fish is likely a Giant Damselfish

Lots of colorful fish, mostly Sergeant Major's

Cindy contemplates jumping in to see if she can touch
the bottom.  She could, it's only about 7.5' from the
surface to the bottom.  Shallower that most swimming pools. 

Early the next morning we met Tom and Annie on the beach so we could could go for a hike, up the canyon toward the other side of the island.  Unfortunately, there were SO many bugs that everyone wanted to turn around and go back.  It was beautiful, but the bugs were very annoying.  Tom and Annie's bug repellent didn't even help.  The large  biting horsefly-type bugs were the worst.  They hurt!

Steve with Tom and Annie from s/v Tappan Zee (named after a bridge in NY)
Cindy and Kevin walking back to the bay, too many bugs!
Cindy looking at sand rays from the beach
Tom and Annie from s/v Tappan Zee - their dinghy folds up (pretty neat)
Anchored close to shore in shallow water.  Calm weather though so not worried.
Yet another dried out fish.  We see these on most of the beaches we explore.
We think they are Blunthead Triggerfish.  They have very tough skins.
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Great snorkeling here in Ballandra.

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