Friday, May 20, 2016

May 11, 216 - Punta Mangles

 As we headed north toward San Juanico where we knew we had friends, we took a look at Punta Mangles and there were no boats anchored in this bay.  Since the light winds were from the north, which is favorable for Mangles, we decided to take a look and stop for the night.  It would be a short  run to San Juanico tomorrow morning.  We had not been in here before, although we had looked at it several times before but the winds were never good.  This bay has the beginnings of a resort that did not ever get finished and Steve loves walking and imagining what they had in mind and wondering why the project was abandoned.  So we had an excursion on shore to explore, and then we did some tow surfing.
On our way north, the seas were calm.  Autopilot on, captain Steve
can sit on the bow and relax looking ahead with binoculars.  Rough life!
Looking for turtles or dolphins out in the sea
A turtle diving as we pass by
The bay or cove of Punta Mangles
Unfinished resort, stairs to no-where
walking to another unfinished building

It could have been a very nice resort, had they finished it.
View of the picture above, from the water.
The cliffs along the south side, all shell encrusted sandstone
Steve at the sandstone walls

Kevin with some attitude
Kathy being towed on the surf board
Cindy getting ready for a ride
Zappa sniffing some of our treasures from the sea

Cindy took this of Steve and I

Cindy - tow surfing!

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