Sunday, May 22, 2016

May 12, 2016 - San Juanico

Our last "fun stop" for a few days was planned to be San Juanico.  We have been here twice before and it is always absolutely beautiful.  Our friends Jack and Alice from s/v Puffin were there and we had planned at least one card night.  They are social coordinators as well, so one afternoon they planned a bocce ball tournament on shore and I believe every vessel in the anchorage attended.  After that it was a pot luck dinner and great conversation and stories once again of travels and lives of cruisers in the Sea, and beyond. We have met many interesting people down here, living extraordinary lives.

The great white sand beach.  The water is very shallow in this bay and the water
is very warm at times.  Perhaps in the mid 80's
A colorful sunset
Dinghies heading back to their boats after the pot-luck dinner on the beach
Kathy takes a selfie
Diving - could be our last time down here.
Wonderful colors
Alice and Cruiser from s/v Puffin stop by to say 'hi"
Kevin goofing around
He had a long ride standing up and needed a break.  He didn't want to stop riding.
Barefoot waterskiing?  I think we are going to need a faster dinghy.
Kevin finally lets go of the rope.
Waiting for us to return to get him
Get Ready
Get Set
Hiking around the shoreline

Cindy goes wide.  Adagio at anchor.

Kevin telling us to slow down a bit
Kevin showing a little style
Fun times in the warm Mexican waters
The kids go for a sail
There is lots of fun to be had down here in Mexico

Time for some swimming and showing off.
Cindy jumping in from the boat deck.  No, not onto that surfboard
A marsh located just behind the beach line
Making cookies in the morning.  It's too hot later in the day to run the oven
inside the the boat.  How you cook starts to become an issue down here in the
heat.  We BBQ quite a bit because it is outside and won't make the interior
Exploring a distant shore in San Juanico

Who was closest?  Bacci Ball fun on the beach with other cruisers

The impromptu pot luck dinner on the beach.  

We were excited one afternoon to see s/v Terrapin come in.  We would get to see them one last day and a half. Also s/v Tappan Zee appeared in the bay so we were lucky enough to have everyone over for dinner our last night before heading south.
The kids in our walker bay sailing dinghy and Emma and Jessica from s/v Terrapin
are in their walker bay sailing dinghy (blue sail).  s/v Tappan Zee is in the background.

Cindy playing with Emma and Jessica from s/v Terrapin

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