Friday, April 15, 2016

April 1, 2016 - Bahia San Marte

Our first visit here and as we approached we were happy that there were no other boats.  Once again we are conservative in how far we anchor in.  We always feel closer than it appears when viewed from above.  We planned an afternoon at the beach and brought umbrellas, towels and blankets to shore.  We walked around the point and felt a bit like we were at home in the San Juan’s as the sandstone was similar to what you see on Sucia.  We snorkeled and had a nice afternoon.  As the afternoon was ending, sitting on the beach and playing, we were happy to see our friends on s/v Kyrnos come in. 

Kevin trying to keep hold of our umbrellas before the wind takes them away
the rocky shoreline with Adagio behind

This is a little like the San Juan Island Sucia
getting hit by waves

skeletons from some sea creature were all over the beach
Or the island is inhabited by very tiny humanoid like beings.....
playing in the water

Cindy with white sand and black sand that was on this beach
Our second day we did school (of course), went to shore again, did some snorkeling, and then went for a beach fire with Fred and Janet (s/v Kyrnos) and their guests Charlie and Kevin.  Great conversation and fire fun.  Our kids will know Kyrnos as the “chocolate people” since they always have some fine chocolate bars around! 

Cindy flying Fred's quad copter/drone
the quad-copter
Us with Fred, Janet (taking photo), and their guests Kevin and Charlie
marshmallows by the fire
We spent one additional day and found ourselves with a quiet afternoon and the anchorage all to ourselves.  s/v Kyrnos left this morning.  We had a nice beach fire that evening as well.
heading to shore to start the fire

our second beach fire

Roasting marshmallows on the beach

Sea-lion that came to play at our boat on afternoon.

We named the rock in the foreground Candy Corn rock, since it the general
shape of candy corn, and had three layers like candy corn.

This sea lion played around our boat for a half hour or so
We have BOB for bird on the bow and now BOD for bird on the dinghy
Adagio to the left, Kyrnos to the right

Started this little fire from the ashes left over from last nights fire
a beautiful sunrise

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