Sunday, April 17, 2016

April 10, 2016 - Isla San Francisco

Isla San Francisco is a favorite anchorage by many cruisers like us and the charter yachts with tourists.  It is a postcard type of photograph and always absolutely beautiful.  Some nights if the localized Coromuel winds kick up this can become and uncomfortable anchorage.  Fortunately for us we had nice calm seas for our one night here.   Except for all of the vessels and those frequent overnight coromuel winds, we could stay here a week and enjoy the water and hiking.

The main anchorage on Isla San Francisco
We were once again joined by our friends Fred and Janet on s/v Kyrnos.  In the afternoon they came over to teach us how to play cribbage.  IT was then that they realized that they had been taught cribbage in this very bay by another cruising boat back in 1996!  I guess now we have to come back 20 years from now and teach another boat how to play cribbage?

Janet teaching Cindy, Kevin, and Kathy to play cribbage one afternoon
Several hours after anchoring we met s/v Krynos' Fred and Janet on shore to hike the ridge trail.

Hiking the ridge trail with Fred and Janet from s/v Kyrnos

It's a rugged trail.  At some points there is a shear cliff wall to your left.
You must pay attention on this trail.

Fabulous view of the anchorage and white sand beach from the top of the trail.

smiling balloon fish
balloon fish just off the swimstep.  They must be used to being fed by humans

Balloon fish eating some small bread crumbs

We had a great snorkel after lunch.  Clear water and lots and lots of fish.  There were a few huge schools with what had to contain thousands of fish each.

Kevin wanted to be towed on a boogie board over to the snorkel site.
A river of fish swimming along the edge of a rock.
A Moorish Idol (top) and a Panamic Sergeant Major (bottom)

Swimming with a large school of 
"Mullett Snappers".

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