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March 29, 2016 - Isla Monserrat

The north end of Isla Monserrat, Yellowstone beach, is beautiful.  We had heard there have been some westerly winds at night but decided to tough it out so we could check out this island.  As we neared Yellowstone beach a sailboat was leaving.  Steve hailed him several times on the VHF but got no response.  We were hoping to hear how the conditions were overnight.  No contact = no information exchanged.  Conditions were calm and we anchored in about 15’ of water in an empty, and breathtakingly beautiful bay.  We were the only ones here, and nobody else arrived during the afternoon so we had it all to ourselves overnight; always a treat.

View of Adagio from over the sand dune area at Yellowstone Beach
(click on image for a bigger version, as with all of our pictures)
We dinghied to shore after taking a tour of the shoreline to see what there was to explore.  The beach is beautiful white sand that backs up to an interesting yellow sandstone wall.  Very unique and pretty.

What a great, and unique beach.  White sand terminating in a vertical yellow
sandstone wall.  Nice!
Kevin climbing the sandstone wall, Cindy scraping away at it.
Not your typical beach.  The contrast between sand and rock is interesting.
We setup our umbrellas and then Kathy and Steve ventured out to explore the area.   There are rugged hills behind the sandstone wall and there is a dried up riverbed that comes out of the hills and ends at the sea, cutting across the white sand.  It must become a raging river when the heavy rains come as there was evidence of large volumes of water pushing debris long distances.  You could imagine and understand the erosion process by studying this dry riverbed and its banks. 

A large cactus knocked down and "flushed" downstream quite a distance from
the other cactus in the area
The river narrowed quite a bit but you can see it once carried water.
The outflow to the sea.  It must have a lot of water at times.
 There were bugs here, but not so many that it was unpleasant. We spent a few hours here exploring and relaxing.  It was relatively calm overnight, but the winds did kick up in the morning, so we decided to leave and head for our next destination; Agua Verde.
Another great anchorage.

Kevin and Cindy coming back down a little aroyo
Cindy walking the beach
Notice Cindy has mustard colored arms; the sandstone makes nice mud!
Great mushroom rock
View of the beach and the anchorage

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