Sunday, April 17, 2016

April 5, 2016 - Puerto Los Gatos

We moved first thing in the morning from the north at San Telmo to here, only a mere 3 miles away.  This anchorage is popular so we expected not to have it to ourselves.  Soon after we arrived, the one other sailboat there headed out (we saw the others leave earlier that morning).  Of course later in the day, two other vessels, motor yachts this time, came in and anchored in the bay.  Another charter yacht came in with guests but stayed toward the south.  It was powerboat central.  A bit unusual as most of the cruising boats down here are sailboats.

The sand beach is wonderful.  The kids found a perfect place for skim boarding with very shallow water.  We all snorkeled here as well and found it to be very good.
Fantastic rock formations at Puerto Los Gatos

skim boarding and trying to wreck the ride...................
skim boarding
trying the boogie boards in the calm calm water
getting sand to make a jump for advanced skim boarding
Kevin going over the jump.  Have a great video and shots of this, but cannot post at this time
where the sandstone meets the sea

This is one of the most interesting shorelines to
explore of anyplace we've been in Mexico

Some skim boarding videos

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