Sunday, April 17, 2016

April 8, 2016 - San Evaristo

San Evaristo is a pretty bay with a small fishing village.  They have a small tienda (store) with a few items that service the boaters and the town.  The bay provides protection from north and south wind waves and is a pretty popular stop with cruisers for this reason.  There is also a small restaurant (Lupe's Restaurant) and is open some days.  It is wonderful.  We had a late lunch one day with some new friends, Dave and Becky we met on s/v Tranquility, also from WA state.

One day it got quite windy and then started to rain.  The rain stopped so we decided to dinghy to shore to go for a little hike and to visit the tienda.  Wouldn't you know it, just as we got to shore the rain started again.  This time it was more than just a sprinkle.  It was a downpour!  We only went to the tienda and then back to Adagio.  We had left the windows open and had a bit of a mess to clean up with rainwater and a lot of the dirt that had accumulated on the outside finding it's way to the inside of the boat.  The outside of our received a nice cleaning from the hard rain.

The next day the wind and rain were gone so we ventured back to shore to take our hike.  Kathy and Steve also went snorkling in the bay and had a great time.
Adagio with a rainbow to the east.  Photo taken by m/v Susie
Our walk over to the salt evaporation ponds
the rocky beach near the salt ponds
Kevin found a palm tree frond, great golf club
Steve with a ballonfish skeleton
Kevin at the edge of the salt pond, standing in salt
the kids with their chocolate from s/v Krynos (received a few days before)
Cindy is creating the chocolate box cover as shown in picture above...........
Walking back from the salt ponds.  This is what most of the "town" looks like,
Pickup truck with goats.  You can barely see the tienda in the background.
The tiny school at San Evaristo.

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