Thursday, April 14, 2016

March 31, 2016 - Agua Verde

What a beautiful stop and popular location this is.   We stopped last year and had a prime anchor spot.  This year we decided to take a location more open to the east and we ended up having a bit of a rolly night.  Another Hatteras LRC came in and anchored next to us.  Even though just 10 feet longer the other LRC dwarfed us and made us look like a baby!

Beautiful location.
Many powerboats in this anchorage.  We are the furthest one away.
Our boat on the left, it's a Hatteras 48 LRC.  On the right a Hatteras 58 LRC.
walking the trail
Cindy, looking northwest

the anchorage
a small cemetery just a short hike over the hill 
this pelican seemed to want a handout of food or something

Sea star while snorkeling 
The water was quite clear.  Panamic Sergeant Major fish
Brown Urchin

Kathy returning to the dinghy after a late afternoon snorkel

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