Friday, April 15, 2016

April 4, 2016 - Punta San Telmo

This was another new stop for us this year.  We were happy to find that we had this location all to ourselves.   It looked a bit concerning as it is open to some weather/waves but we enjoyed a nice calm afternoon and overnight here.  There we no bug at all here, which is not always the case.  We enjoyed Punta San Telmo very much.

Nice white sand beach to the left.  

Our beach location.  Skim boarding and snorkeling.
Adagio just over the left umbrella
a look from the hill behind our beach spot
Cindy and Kevin as we go out for a sunset dinghy ride
Zappa waiting for our return
snorkeling the reef
Cindy and Kevin out in the water
the beautiful red sandstone rocks along the shore line
trying out kicking a water ball

sand fights are starting now..........
the anchorage from the hill, looking southwest
a closer look at the beautiful mountains of Baja Mexico
the sand fight continues.  Skim boards are good shields
Snorkeling the reef at one side of the beach

Skim boarding fun

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