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April 9, 2016 - Isla San Jose - Amortajada

Amortajada on Isla San Jose main feature is a wonderful and very large lagoon/mangrove.  Last year we anchored on the south side and this year decided to try the north side.  It was a short 5 mile trip from San Evaristo so we were here quickly.  There was only one large charter motoryacht when we arrived so we had time to choose our location to anchor.  The rocky entrance to the mangrove from the south is only good during high tide, while the northern side entrance is sandy and deeper.  Later that day our friends on Kyrnos arrived and anchored nearby.  Several more large yachts arrived as well.  We spent one night here.  At 10pm as we were going to bed we felt the pesky no-see-um's invading so had to close the boat up completely as these little biting bugs can get through most window screens.  They are extremely tiny but pack quite a nasty bite.  The bugs were still bothersome in the morning when we awoke, so we decide to leave right away.

The anchorage with beautiful mountains behind
dolphins swam our bow wake for a short time on our transit here...........
 Going into the lagoon and exploring the mangrove was fun.  Many of the tropical fish we see
snorkeling were swimming in the lagoon.

Heading up a little canal in the mangrove.  Clear, but shallow water.

Great photo of us in the lagoon from s/v Krynos - they were anchored south side
and we saw them in the lagoon.  Thanks!
Fred and Janet from s/v Kyrnos.  They were fishing in the lagoon when we
encountered them.


leaving the lagoon, heading back out to the anchorage.
We took a dinghy ride out to Isla Cayo from the anchorage.  Beautiful rocky island that John Steinbeck wrote about in his book "The Log from the Sea of Cortez."

Isla Cayo to the right and the sun setting over the Baja peninsula
Frigate birds circling around the island
The rocky island.  Steinbeck wrote about caves here and that they discovered
fire remnants inside along with turtle shells and clamshells.  We could not
find the mysterious caves however.  

We took a walk around the spit from this island.  A nice long walk with interesting sea life skeletons.  We also observed sea gull nests along the rocky beach.

Walking the beach
The very wide rocky beach.  Water appears to be able to come as far in as this
picture is taken. Picture is looking northwest.
The rocky beach.  This is open to the north.  Looking past mv Adagio, there is a sandy
beach looking west and a sandy entrance entrance to the lagoon

Speeding through the mangrove on our way back 
to the entrance.

A gull guarding the nest.  They let us know when we are getting close to their nests
Gull eggs - they look like rocks for disguise.....
The kids waiting for Steve and I to head back to the big boat

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