Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28, 2016 - Puerto Escondido

We decided to return to Puerto Escondito for a few reasons.  First they have wifi and if you pick the right location in the bay you can also get cellphone coverage.  Second, it is cheap at about $10 per night to be tied to a nice secure buoy.  Third, we wanted to do a few loads of laundy and they have a nice laundry room here.  And finally, we wanted to rent a car so we could get into Loreto to explore some more, and do our last provisioning before our next major shopping opportunity in La Paz, which will be 2-4 weeks from now.
Puerto Escondido from the "window" looking west at the Sierra de la Giganta mountain range.  Beautiful and safe.
No town here though, just the marina.  The rental car company came and brought us the
car though and brought us back after returning.  A good deal!

We arrived Friday afternoon and found there were quite a few boats in here.  There were about 30 boats.  We are now seeing boats all the time.  Kathy arranged a rental car for Saturday morning.  We went to shore to register with the marina, do a few loads of laundry, and to let the kids have some internet time.  Somehow Kathy mentioned to a lady in the laundry room that I was a marine electrician.  15 minutes later a different lady approached Steve and said her husband needed my help as he totally messed up the wiring on their anchor windlass wiring trying to fix it yesterday.  Word travels fast.  Steve went over and took a quick look to assess what tools and supplies were needed.  Steve arranged to come back on late Saturday or sometime Sunday, depending on people's schedules.  

We got our rental car Saturday morning and took an hour drive into the mountains to visit the  San Javier Mission.  It was a beautiful drive in the mountains.  The mission was founded in 1699 and construction of the main building started in 1744.  It is one of the best preserved missions in North America, and it is still in use today.  It was an interesting stop, and a very nice drive.

View of the Sea of Cortez during our drive to San Javier through the mountains
Nearing San Javier Mission.  A green oasis near the top of these dry mountains.

Steve, Cindy, and Kevin in front of the mission.

The side of the mission.  It's a pretty large building for being built about
270 years ago,  It is in remarkable condition too.

Inside the San Javier Mission

Walking around the mission

Some type of official ceremony going on.  The Pastor/Priest lit a candle outside
and is now carrying it into the mission.
We walked a little around the small village next to San Javier Mission.  We also drove through some of the side streets to get a glimpse of life here.  It's very remote and basic.

San Javier mass-transit.  Ha Ha
We spent several hours walking around Loreto, enjoying a great lunch, and browsing a few souvenir-type stores.  We drove to the the two main grocery stores in Loreto and then Kathy went across the street from one of them because she had heard that a little store there sells bulk foods.  We have had a very difficult time finding peanuts in Mexico, and we all like peanuts.  This little tienda had lot of nuts and even had the Costco Kirkland nuts we always buy back home.  Score!  We will now have peanuts for a while.  Life is good.  Many items are cheap down here but peanuts are expensive!

Spectacular mountains just a mile from the Puerto Escondido basin.
Sunday morning, after Steve returned the rental car to Loreto, he went over to work on the broken anchor windlass.  In an hour it was up and running again.  The owner was SO grateful.  You really can't boat down here without a working anchor windlass.  He told Cindy and Kevin that no matter what they think of their Dad, he's a HERO!  Steve isn't letting them forget it....  :-)

Puerto Escondido is behind those hills.  See next picture.

Adagio is that white dot between the hills.  This is a very safe harbor. in bad
weather.  It is one of the true "hurricane holes" in Baja where boater's seek refuge
when a big storm is coming.

We watched this cloud roll over the top of the mountain
for about 30 minutes, then it was over.
The kids hooked up to internet we get from wifi antenna and the marina.
All kinds of updates for several days.
YES, that is a sesame street big bird image on Cindy's laptop.....hahahah

Easter Morning.  No bunnies, just a large hershey's kiss this year.
Cindy's is sporting some reading glasses

We call these a "BOB" for Bird on the Bow.
Someone will yell, we have a BOB!

no suffering for food on this boat.  We made a cake on Easter morning.
Also, leftover waffles waiting for Steve to get back and eat after taking the car back.


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