Friday, March 11, 2016

March 5, 2016 - Bahia San Francisquito

Only around a corner and a quick 15 minute trip, we decided to move into the bay for the day and until we leave at around midnight.  There are some small swell waves coming in and the wind has seemed to start.  We have enjoyed a very calm and wonderful 9 days with no wind, but weather is changing and we need to move on.  The bay and beach are stunning here.  We read about hiking around here but as Steve and I tried to take a walk inland, we found we would need pants due to all of the brush.  The scrambling we often do up the hills was also not friendly with loose rock.  So there was only a short walk today and some beach time.

Panorama of Bahia San Francisquito 
Cindy and Kevin playing in the white sand.
Tic Tac Toe in the sand.
A collection of interesting items we have collected on the beaches recently
Picture perfect location.  White sand beach, boat close to shore,
clear water, clear skies, no wind, and no other people.
Heading toward shore to check out that smooth rock formation
Beautiful sunset.  We have not had many clouds, so not many colorful sunsets.
On a side note, we have sold our RV which greatly simplifies our lives, and gives us a little more money for the cruising kitty.  The RV served us well, and made the trips back and forth between La Conner (home) and San Carlos (the boat's home in Mexico) much more fun and easier.  It gave us a method to transport quite a bit of gear back and forth between home and the boat.  Plus, we got to see some very interesting places on our trips back and forth.  But, overall, the boating life is our preference, by far.  Maybe we will have another, smaller RV in the future.  Who knows.  For now we are concentrating on the boating life and all of it's experience.  With the RV now gone we have one less worry and stress in our lives.

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