Wednesday, March 9, 2016

March 3, 2016 - Isla Salsipuedes

This is one of the most remote islands in the Midriff Islands of Mexico.  We slowed down and did a drive-by of Isla Raza before heading to Isla Salsipuedes as Raza is home to 90% of the Heerman’s gulls during mating season.  This amounts to approximately 300,000 gulls who then migrate as far north as British Columbia.  Our books had different months for their mating and it appeared as they have not all arrived yet as there was still nesting space.  There were a lot of birds here however.

Pelicans flying by.  Very fun to watch.   Seas are calm calm calm
Isla Raza.  This group of pelicans flying by
Isla Raza southern end with the gulls circling
The gulls lined up along the shoreline on Isla Raza
A Heerman's gull
Salsipuedes means “Leave if you can” so an interesting island name.  We are looking at four different guide books and there seemed to be different opinions on it.  We decided it was worth a trip since the sea state and winds are calm.   Once again there are no boats to be seen although there has been some sort of military/marine-patrol panga with 5 men in camoflauge driving by a few times.  They basically ignored us, for some reason.  We had a nice hike up the hill for a view and once again Steve and kids spent some time rolling large rocks off the cliff to see who could get the farthest roll.

Panorama of Isla Salsipuedes and the two anchorages.  We are in the south anchorage.

Cindy, Kevin, and Steve on Salsipuedes looking north 
Cindy and Kevin, looking south with Adagio anchored in background
walking back down to the beach
The Elston's on Isla Salsipuedes, south anchorage
Adagio and group of ducks.  These ducks dive under for fish all at once

Kevin and Cindy with their popsicles.  We use these green reusable silicone molds.
Kevin likes juices and yogurt and Cindy usually does just yogurt for a nice cold
snack in the afternoons. 
Zappa and Cindy out for a row
Nap time for Zappa.

We have had more than a week now without any winds.  Very nice.

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