Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February 19, 2016 - Bahia de Los Angeles

We did not really want to go here just yet but we could not find our park permits from last year (which may have expired anyway).  We read in one of our guides that there was a park office where we could buy new permits in the small village of Bahia De Los Angeles.  We anchored near one other cruising sailboat from Seattle WA.  There was a large motor yacht (100’ or so) on a mooring ball but with no one aboard it.  Later in the afternoon the sailboat left so we were the only anchored boat in the village anchorage.  We went ashore to purchase our passes and they asked for our passports so we needed to go back to the boat and bring them back within an hour or so since it was Friday afternoon and they are not open again until Monday.  We confirmed with them that we are in the Pacific time zone now.  On our way back to the boat to get our passports we decided to get some groceries in the small market, and then come back for the permits after putting away some needed food items.  As we were walking back to our dinghy, a jeep stopped and asked if we were on a boat or RV as they pegged us as Americans because of the backpacks!  Funny but true!  We conversed a few minutes until the local police made us move and they headed off to find a hotel as they are driving the Baja.  In our brief conversation we found out that they live about 15 miles from us in Washington State; they were from Mount Vernon doing an extended driving tour of Baja.  Small world! 
We purchased our permits and then went to a beach front restaurant, open but no one in sight at 4pm.  We had a nice meal with no other customers and went back to the boat.  The night was calm with light winds, but then the Friday night partying began at around 11pm.  Although the town appears mostly deserted, people come out and party until 4am.  So the music and noise kept us awake much of the night.  This seems typical of all of the waterfront Mexican towns on weekend nights.  After being at the Carnaval parade in Guaymas several weeks ago we see how much the Mexican’s love to dance.  The parade was dominated by dance studio groups.  The following morning the kids and I went to a store and fish café with internet service.  So we paid $30 pesos each for an hour of internet.  That is how the last two posts were completed.  There is no cell service or wifi access in this entire region of the Sea.  A few internet cafés seem are our only option for access to the digital world.  We then motored away at about noon to continue our adventures of the islands in this vicinity. 

On our way over from Isla Partida, we had extremely calm seas and saw hundreds of dolphins.  Only a handful came over to ride in our bow wake however.  They are very graceful and fun to watch as some like to completely jump out of the water. 

Looking east from the public boat launch
The kids heading back to the boat while Steve and I stop and grocery shop
m/v Adagio in the bay

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