Tuesday, March 8, 2016

February 29, 2016 - La Ventana

First thing in the morning we moved to La Ventana, the window island.  A short trip once again and there within an hour.  This was the anchorage we had tried to go to a week or so ago but the winds were too high.  A pretty little anchorage and again, no boats to be seen other than some pangas with fisherman or tourists.  We explored shore a little and took a hike here.  This is another park island and there was actually a trail here.  Steve scrambled up another hill while the kids and I took the trail.  These islands are all part of a nature preserve and you need to have park passes to legally go here.  

Beautiful anchorage with good wind and wave protection from most directions

It was a pretty rough trip over, as you can tell by the huge seas we were battling.

This is "The Window".  La Ventana translates to "The Window" and this feature
is what the island is named after.

Another view of this great anchorage.

Many types of Cactus in this region of Mexico

Cindy and Kevin on the park trail
Cindy usually claims the bow of the Walker Bay.  She becomes our shallow water
spotter since she has the best view of the bottom from there.  The water is typically
clear enough to see the bottom even when more than 20 feet deep.
Pelicans and Cormorants patiently watching for their next meal to swim by.

We took the Walker Bay all the around La Ventana Island.  This was our first
view of Adago after that somewhat lengthy trip.  The new 2.5hp outboard is
a great addition.  It allows us to take the smaller Walker Bay dinghy much further.

Adagio peacefully anchored.  Kayaks ready for use.

We are now hiking up above every anchorage to get pictures like this.

The Spotted Grouper a kayaker gave us.  It made a great dinner!

Panga fisherman cleaning their catch, leaving the fish heads and spines for the gulls.

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