Monday, March 7, 2016

February 26, 2016 - Isla Coronado - Bahia Las Rocas

Our visit here brought us more than we expected.  The guide books do not seem to write very much about this anchorage, nor the next one.  We spent a great two days here, arriving one afternoon and leaving in the afternoon a day and a half later.  The interesting shoreline of the main island and several other little islands had us getting the kayaks down off the boat deck.  On our full day, Steve and Cindy hiked up the 1500’ volcano here (you may have seen it on our SPOT tracker).  Kevin and I took them to the starting point by dinghy and then went back to the boat.  We had expected them to be gone 6 or more hours but they reached the top in only 2 hours, walked around it and came down in a total of 4 hours.

We went to shore and explored and did a short hike up for a view.  After getting back to the boat we saw a humpback whale not far out in the channel from us putting on a show by flapping his or her fins.  We got in the dinghy and decided to get a closer look.  We spent about a half hour watching it breathe, turn over and flap fins, then turn over again and breathe.  His slapping echoed in the hills of Isla Coronado.  It was not concerned with us out there at all.  As we were leaving it did breach once and was an amazing sight.  No other boats were out so we had our own private showing!
The mornings have been low tide so Cindy and Kathy went out for a kayak ride and Steve while Kevin took the big dinghy out to look for sand dollars at the entrance to the lagoon near the volcano.    We (Cindy and Kathy) had a nice kayak run around Isla Mitlan and then Steve came to tow us back.  Kevin wanted to ride in one of the towed kayaks so Kathy got in the dinghy and he got in her kayak.  Kevin ended up dumping himself into the water as he was leaning side to side to try to make bank turns with the kayak.  It gave us a nice laugh and all was fine, he and Cindy got it back upright and we continued back to the boat.

A humpback whale slapping his/her giant fins in the water

Large fins of the humpback whale

Dolphins in the channel

A view of Adagio from inside a small cave
Kathy and Cindy kayaking

Cindy kayaking along shore
A gulf Sun Star
Ospreys in their nest
little creatures in a tide pool.  We have been collecting some of these on shore
lots of seaweed in the water

Kevin fishing for sand dollars.  Volcano in background

Being towed, before dumping over

being towed, dumping it over....... Ooops!

180 degree panorama from the top

Hiking up the volcano

There were some interesting rock formations on the volcano

This rock pile marks the highest point on the volcano

It was a rugged hike!  This was near the top on our way back down

This is the "trail".  At times it was hard to see the trail.

A view of the island and waters from half way up the volcano

Our evening games are changing now.  We have been playing Skip Bo and Sequence it seems.  I grew up playing games with my family in Vermont on vacations so it extremely fun to be able to do that.   The kids have gotten legos out now too so they are starting to spread around the salon and pilot house.  

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