Tuesday, March 8, 2016

February 28, 2016 - Isla Coronado - Laguna Rada

We left in the afternoon from around the corner, so a short trip to this anchorage.  There is a lagoon that we want to explore.   The kayaks are still down so Steve and I went for a trip into the lagoon as the tide was coming into it.  The narrow and shallow opening into the lagoon was a bit like running a river riding the incoming tide.  Fun.

We took a short hike up the hills for a view once again.  Cindy brought a kayak in to shore and explored a little and found the entrance to a mangrove that we didn’t even know was there.  The tide is coming in so the kids want to come back and check it out when the water is a bit deeper and they might be able to get into the mangrove via kayak.  They went back later to the lagoon with Steve tagging along in the walker bay dinghy with the motor.  Unfortunately the water had actually fallen a little so there was no improvement in the mangrove access.  Steve then towed them back to the boat where I had dinner just about ready.   Another great day!

A distant view of the anchorage and surrounding area.

Trying to start a fire with a magnifying glass
waiting and waiting........we could not get it going
Cindy racing us to shore on the kayak
The bay
Kevin and Cindy 
Ah the good life.  Floating around, relaxing....

Cindy paddling along the gravel beach

Again, rugged hills surrounding Adagio

Kevin coming out of the mangrove
heading to the mangroves
Cindy coming out of the mangrove
heading to the big lagoon
Steve and I headed into the big lagoon with tide coming in, nice push in...
one of the many lizards in this area

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