Wednesday, March 9, 2016

March 2, 2016 - Punta El Pescador

We pulled into this bay which has the first white sand beach we have seen since our return to Mexico.   There is an abandoned eco resort here.  People would need to boat in as there are no roads leading to this area.  There is certainly a caretaker here although we saw no sight of him.  The glass windows are all still intact, and there is furniture inside as well as appliances and artwork.  We got to take an enjoyable walk along the white sand for a while.  We are only several miles south of previous anchorages but we are getting a break from the small bugs, similar to no-see ums, that have been abundant and quite annoying.  They do not really bite but like to land on you, particularly on your head (ears and face) so I do not believe these are the jejenes that are common here (since they don't bite).    They have been bothering us since we have been in this north western part of the sea.  Wasps have also been quite common.  They come out to your boat in search of fresh water.  So we are now dousing our cockpit and swimstep with saltwater after we rise our feet and legs off with with fresh water upon our return from shore.  This seems to help a bit and the wasps don't hang around quite as long before moving on.

Steve has been experimenting with another anchor bridle arrangement.  This one is a single line to a chain hook.  Our primary bridle uses two lines to the chain hook, but it has occasionally fallen off of the chain.  Our solution with the two-line bridle has been to zip-tie the chain hook to the chain but that makes retrieval a bit time taking, and potentially dangerous in an emergency.  The single-line bridle seems to eliminate these issues.  Unfortunately as Steve was rigging the new system today with some additional chafe protection on the line, he stepped on one of those wasps.  We are barefoot most of the time now and the encounter left Steve’s big toe with a bee sting.  Ouch!  Not a big deal, but it did not do much to alleviate the kids’ fear of these bees.

Steve checking out the very organized Lego collection.
This bin holds only the parts used to build Lego people.

Kevin holding a thin crust of white sand.  It was very fine sand.

Cindy's collection of sand crust.  She also has a piece of lava rock.  These rocks are
so lightweight that they actually float on water.  It's a bit odd to throw a rock into
the sea and then watch it float away!

This gull did not mind us walking by.

This whale bone is lying on the beach right next to a fallen down solar panel/street-light

Adagio to the left.  Fine white sand beach and the abandoned eco resort to the right.
A long row of solar LED street lights.  At night only two of them light up.
They then go on and off all night long.  Somebody had big plans for this place.
It is certainly a beautiful location for a resort.
Our first look at one of the completed buildings.  They are quite nice.
Another few buldings to check out.  The one on the right was going to be the
bathrooms and showers.  The two white ones on the left are very small bungalows.
One of them even had a bed setup in it.
a panoramic view of the anchorage.

One of the unfinished buildings.  The roof and pillars are well made and interesting.

Walking up to the first completed building.

Inside one of the buildings.  It looks pretty nice.

No guest is going to be able to use this dock to get here.  This is the only access 
point, other than a beach landing.

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