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March 16, 2016 - Punta Pulpito

Every location we stop has had its own charm.  This one brought new friends, sea life and a great hike.  We had a great two and a half days here before continuing on our journey.  I do not know why we did not stop here on our way north last year, but we are sure glad we heard about how wonderful it was from m/v Salsipuedes while back in Santa Rosalia.  We are starting to see more vessels now which is great.  On our way south we hailed two sailing vessels that were northbound, one which just came from Punta Pulpito with stories of whales and only two boats so plenty of room for us.  
We took the trail to the top of Punta Pulpito, which is 475’ tall.  It is a shear cliff all the way down to the anchorage.  A bit scary, as a parent, to be walking near the edge of such an obvious danger with our kids.  It was a nice established trail and a beautiful site from the top.  As we were just heading back down, new friends from s/v Krynos, Fred and Janet, were just about to the top and told us to turn around as they were going to fly their quad-copter and we could get pictures. 

Panorama of the anchorage at Punta Pulpita
Their quad-copter/drone was very cool and we have a lot of pictures and even a video from it.  The kids each got a chance to fly it too.  Thanks Fred!  We now wish had bought one before we returned to Mexico (it was on the TO-DO list but didn’t get done).

Picture of us from the drone belonging to Kyrnos.  We are at the top of 475'
tall Punta Pulpito.  It is SO steep here that if you throw a rock off the top, it will
land in the water, nearly 475' below.  
The whales are active in this indentation of the island and we enjoyed daily sightings of humpback whales and also a few blue whales.    They were mostly feeding but we did see a few breaching.   The whale activity went on well after dark and whales were coming up for air very close to our boat which created a spectacular and memorable sound.

The only whale tail picture we got.  It is a humpback diving deep.

Humpback and pelicans
Humpback breaching.  Spectacular to see in person!
One evening Steve and I went over to s/v Krynos for drinks and they came over the next night to play a game so we played Sequence, with the kids.  Each team won one game!  They are co-owners of a company from Seattle (PYI, Inc) that makes marine products.  We even have some of their parts installed on our own boat!  They have three sons which they home schooled when they sailed to the south Pacific, and traveled throughout the world.   They have sailed to the South Pacific on Kyrnos 3 times!  It was great to hear stories of their travels.

One morning Janet from s/v Kyrnos came over on her paddle board to see if she could get a "girls paddle" going and our girls were just getting ready to go out.  So, Cindy and Mom joined her for a few hours of shoreline exploration.  It was great fun.

Janet, Cindy, and Kathy off to explore.  s/v Kyrnos and Punta Pulpito in the background.
Kyrnos was custom build for Fred and Janet in Australia.  They have sailed her to
the South Pacific 3 times now.  We enjoyed meeting them and spending time together!!!
Kathy and Cindy coming out of a sea-cave.
Cindy standing in the kayak
Cindy trying a new thing; Kayak paddle boarding....
Janet from s/v Krynos on her paddle board
a view from our girls ride: kayak, paddle board, surf board ride.
Looking at the impressive Punta Pulpito cliffs, and the two vessels out there

puffer fish that could not dive down, poor fishy!

Cindy getting up close and personal with a Pelican

coming out of a tunnel by dinghy
Steve, Cindy and Kevin - throwing rocks off the cliff
Just about at the top, walking the narrow trail with cliff on the side.
Starting our hike back down.  Beautiful terrain.
Fred with his quad copter.  Our two vessels down in the water.
Us on the top at Punta Pulpito.  Thanks Janet (sv Krynos) for the shot!
BTW, m/v Adagio can be seen between Steve and I just at his shoulder.
Also, nice hair for Kevin!
Osprey in their nest.  Always on a pinnacle
Cindy doing school work!  Hmmm, Kathy and I never had
a classroom like this growing up!!

We were starting to get a bit close to these pelicans
Pelican party
Kevin checking out a small sea-cave on the surf board.
Kevin leaving a different sea-cave.  Exploring the shoreline
in Mexico is always interesting!
Kevin negotiates a narrow and shallow passage through a reef.
The surf board with a paddles has proven to be a fun way to explore.
Dolphins racing to get into our bow wake on our way as we left the anchorage.....

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