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February 24, 2016 - Puerto Don Juan

We attempted to go to one of the park islands after leaving Bahia Los Angeles since the forecast had winds at 10-15 knots (good) but we were seeing 25+ knots (bad) as we approached the small anchorage.  Although the anchorage had protection from waves, the winds still funnel through here.   Higher winds are coming in another day or two so we decided to go to the hurricane hole of Puerto Don Juan and skip this anchorage for now.   By the time we made it back to Don Juan the winds had subsided to about 10 knots.  We motored into Puerto Don Juan there was one other American power vessel there that we ended up meeting the next day.  There were no other boats here.  We spent 5 days here, a bit longer than we would have wanted but it was for the most part calm except for the last couple of days when some higher winds came through.   We saw a few gusts around 35 knots.

We’ve lowered the Walker Bay dinghy off the boat deck and plan to store it on the swim step until our next big transit.  We have a new 2.5 horsepower motor for it so the kids got to try that and have some fun.    Cindy and Kathy also got out sailing for a short while although the winds were a bit calm.  We took the Walker Bay to shore and dragged it up the beach a bit so we could pull the drain plug and scrub it clean.  It was filthy after 6 months of dry storage in dusty San Carlos.

A view of the anchorage
Our Walker Bay on the shore next to what's left of a pretty large commercial

We invited Charlie and Gwen over from m/v Tiburon for appetizers one afternoon and enjoyed their company.  They live in Estes Park CO half the year and have a home in San Carlos where they spend the winter and spring.   Charlie is a retired high school Biology teacher and Gwen a retired nurse.  They are a very nice couple and have been cruising the “northern sea” for something like 15 years.  It was great to talk with them for a few hours, and find out about some of the nearby anchorages we might want to check out.   In fact, our next stop is one they mentioned to us and after looking at their photos on their iPad we knew we wanted to go there.  We never even thought of going to Este Ton on Isla Angel De La Guarda (Gardian Angel Island), but it is now our next stop. 

Steve and the kids took the dinghy to the low spit, which people call “the window” so he could gaze out at the sea to evaluate the wind and waves.  It all looked very good with no white caps and a steady light breeze.  We decide to leave and cross over to Este Ton since the conditions looked favorable.  By the time we got out into more open water that light breeze had climbed to about 15 knots, then 20, then 25!  This brought out the white caps and short steep waves.  It was a bit of a bumpy ride, but not too bad.  Unfortunately, with only about 20 minutes to go Kevin became sea sick.  He recovered quickly however and was ready to go to shore after we anchored in beautiful Este Ton.
Going to look out the "window" to check the sea state on the outside
Kevin running the dinghy with motor for the first time with Cindy and Zappa
Cindy now driving and Kevin talking on the walkie talkie to us!

Kevin learning how to start this motor
Old fishing boat aground in the bay
Cindy and Zappa out sailing
Pelican getting ready to dive for a fish
Pelican diving for a fish
A coyote on the beach

Kevin with the scull of some animal.  We wish we could identify all the bones
we find on the beaches down here.

Cindy holding up the backbone from another unidentified animal

Walking around "the window" one sunny afternoon.  Kevin putting on his shoes

Going for a dinghy ride

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