Friday, March 11, 2016

March 4, 2016 - Caleta Mujeres

It was a quick three hour transit from Isla Salsipuedes.  We have started our south bound trip now and will not go further north.  This is a beautiful little cove.  We did some home school on our way over so after arriving had an early lunch and went to shore.  This is our first time planning to have some beach time.  Those annoying little bugs are not around but we are seeing quite a few bees here.  The kids swam and we went for a walk around the area.  We had another calm day and overnight.  It has now been about 10 days of extremely calm nights where you might feel like you are actually on land.  It has been really nice!  We saw two boats go into nearby Bahia San Francisquito, one sailboat from the south and one powerboat from the east.   We ended up meeting the powerboat couple when they came by in their fishing dinghy.  They are from Montana and love the northern sea this time of year when most cruisers are south of here.   They are heading south as we are so will probably see them in Santa Rosalia where we are both hoping to get a slip in the very small marina to wait out a storm that is coming.  

Beach time on a warm, white sand beach.  The kids playing in the water,
Fun in the water!  Looking east, calm seas once again
Cindy tries to drag the Walker Bay into the water.  It's heavier than she expected
drying off after swimming
wonderful sight of eroding sandstone near the water
Very interesting rock erosion.  Are we back on Sucia in the San Juan Islands?

Exploring the surroundings.

Did Kevin jump that far from the other rock?  hummmm.......
exploring sea life around these rocks

Kevin being funny!
Kids rowing in the bay, to be away from the bees
The erosion has left a unique formation on the top surface of this rock outcropping.
Gulf Sun star

Adagio and the reef to our south 

sea plant, we have not seen these before

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