Monday, May 25, 2015

May 19, 2015 - Los Islotes

We have passed by these islets four times now.  Maybe half of the time would we have considered dropping into the water for snorkeling and swimming with sea lions, but the timing just didn't work out.  Well, this time we left Caleta Partida at 7am and were there at 9:30am.  Cindy was not yet up and Kevin and Steve did not have much of an interest to swim/snorkel with the sea lions.  Well, I really really wanted to swim with the sea lions.  I would have been much happier with some pangas with tourists or some other boat there.  No one was there and Kevin did not want to get eaten were his exact words.  Cindy barely got up so she was not in the mood and we could not anchor so Steve had to remain at the helm and keep the boat in position in the currents passing by these islands.  I did offer to give him a turn after I was done.  So Steve got me close enough and I slide into the water, all alone, expecting to swim with sea lions.  Adrenaline for sure was running through my veins since everyone warns swimmers not to get near a bull sea lion.  When we approached we did not see many sea lions in the water as they seemed to be sunning themselves on the rocks.  We decided that I should wear a life jacket to keep me afloat rather than our float cushions just to be safe.  Well, as I snorkeled near I saw many fish and no sea lions and tried to get closer.  I then saw on each different islet one huge bull so was very nervous about this.  I saw many beautiful fish and this I would say was the best snorkeling yet.  Every sea lion interaction from the first to the last, only about four of them, I held my breath and hoped that they would not attack.  They were flowing and beautiful, I wished I spent longer there with them but the family was waiting and I was nervous being all alone.  Plus a large bull on a rock was barking continuously at me which was somewhat unnerving. 

Approaching Los Islotes
Kevin watching Kathy swimming with the sea lions
Some of the beautiful fish
Kathy snorkeling with sea lions.  Notice all of them on the rocks.
Kathy's view of the sea lions.  She took this picture.
and another

video of the sea lions from Kathy's point of view

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