Monday, May 25, 2015

May 19, 2015 - Mangle Solo

We have new memories for each location.  Mangle Solo (we believe it is pronounced "man-ha-lay solo") brings several new ones for Steve and me but I am sure they are different for the kids.  As we approached and spent the afternoon and evening here, we found that Rays abound.  Many would be doing flips out of the water and it is wonderful to watch.  For Steve and me it might be the 6am wake-up call of the smoke/carbon dioxide detector that is most memorable.  The night was one of the calmest we have ever had, although when we went to bed there were little bugs in the salon that seemed to love the interior lights.  We left one light on so they would stay in the salon and not try to visit us in our stateroom.   Well, they were the devils that set off the alarm by just being there (thousands of them in the salon by morning).  Steve and I decided to vacuum them up along the one side they seemed to all be.  We spent 20 minutes or so trying to rid ourselves of these little bugs and were mostly successful in that endeavor.  We had decided to sleep in as long as we wanted, but were now awake and ready to motor by 7am to our next location, thanks to our unexpected alarm.  It was nice to have a quiet night though and the place to ourselves.  We did have a unique experience here after turning on our underwater lights, a large sea turtle kept swimming around which was wonderful to see.

Steve with a balloon-fish skeleton
Walking the beach
Kevin with a perfect stick find!

Walking back down the beach toward the dinghy and boat
Come on everyone.  I'm ready to get back to the boat so we can do some
home schooling!  ha ha....

another Zappa photo with Kevin
Kathy with the cardon cactus.  One of the largest cactus varieties
in the world, growing up to 70ft tall
Adagio with the mountains behind

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