Monday, May 11, 2015

May 3, 2015 - Isla Espiritu Santu, Ensenada Grande

We arrived in the afternoon after our transit from Isla San Francisco.  The shoreline in the southern most cove of this bay supposedly had the most protection from southwest and those nighttime winds.  We spent two nights and both were mostly sleepness nights with 20-25 knot winds from W first night and WSW second night.  The waves had us in a major hobby-horse motion with the swim step pounding into the bottom of the waves.  It feels somewhat like an earthquake.  Steve says the next long term voyage we need to have the swimstep molded into the hull so that that would not happen.  Big ticket item of course to extend the boat so the swimstep becomes part of the hull!  In 8 months we have not experienced rough nights at anchor like we have here in our month around La Paz.  The cove was gorgeous though and one of my favorites although not sure I want to come back after the nights here.  The first day the winds started at 4pm and went all night, the second day at 9pm and calmed down around 4am.  Again, the winds were fine and we were not worried about our anchor, but the wind waves were awful.  The boats all around us were rocking just as much as we were.

We did have fun exploring the cove and could spend another day or two there to explore more and do some hikes.  The second day Steve was busy working on the boat since we have some issues to resolve while the kids and I snorkeled around the north side of this cove.
The kids and I heading out snorkeling
Kids on shore, wow what fun around the rocks!
Kevin looking for crabs to throw rocks at!
beautiful sandstone

a mini mushroom rock
more fun on the shoreline
Steve going to pick kids up.....

you can climb a bit here.  Wonderful rock formations.

Jump on the cushion.  Target practice.
Jump on the cushion
Jump off the boat deck
Jump off the boat deck
second jump off the boat deck
more dinghy fun
these rock formations are beautiful

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