Friday, May 29, 2015

May 20, 2015 - Los Gatos

We left early for a nice and calm ride north for a four hour passage.  There are a few clouds and it almost seems like it might rain.  We have not really seen rain too much so we are mesmerized by some unique cloud formations here.  We arrived at Los Gatos by 11am to find out that there were no other boats here which seems odd since it is considered a gem of a spot.  Fairly soon after there were two other sail boats to join us and a rather large motor yacht (that left later in the afternoon).  We are still working on homeschool so I worked with the kids while Steve took a much needed nap on the bow (I got mine while motoring prior to reaching our destination).  We had a nice but short hike on the wind swept rocks and fun watching the pelicans dive for fish.   We explored the reefs to see about some snorkeling at another time since the afternoon winds and waves are making it a bit more uncomfortable.  A wonderful calm night once again, we are felling lucky or maybe this is how it normally is north of La Paz. 

a sight while motoring north of the Baja side, some type of whale/dolphin on the same path
On our way to shore to explore the sandstone

walking on the beautiful rock
From the beach, looking at the landscape and family

Going upward, not so smooth!
This bug was big!
Kevin and Steve, dinghy ride back to the boat from checking out the reef, Adagio
in the background
another beautiful sunset
Worn and smooth rocks, wow!
Cindy's plate sized pancake she made
A photo sequence we made of a ray jumping as we passed it by

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