Saturday, May 30, 2015

May 22, 2015 - Agua Verde

As we arrived in Agua Verde, we were happy to see the most desired cove to not have a vessel in it.  After a few minutes of scoping the depths we gave it a try and had a good hook and felt that our distances to rocks and the shoreline were acceptable.  We now felt as if we had the perfect spot here in the beautiful water.  Many boats came in and around us during that day and the following but with it getting deeper quickly and too shallow further in, we had the nice view and most wonderful spot imaginable.  
Steve, CIndy and Kevin on our hike, looking into the bay and Adagio in background
Continuing on our hike, it is hot!!!!!
Looking west toward the mountains.  Agua Verde is Baja mainland although
to get here you need to drive 25 miles on a dirt road

The cove we are in, Adagio is first vessel you see out here
another awesome shot of this beautiful spot.  Looking northward, Adagio out there.
need we say more about this beautiful location?
Kathy, Kevin is our dinghy rowing and Cindy on shore walking

These vehicles came down the long road to camp for USA Memorial Day weekend

Now that is the way to keep your tent, the car toppers are not storage, they are the tents.
No sleeping on the ground.  This was some sort of tour so there was a truck with food etc.
ok, another beautiful sunset
Steve, with the regulator scraping the bottom in record time now not having to come up for air!

We are making Pico de Gallo.  We had some strong onions so the kids figured out how to keep from crying!

Our view as we motored north to Agua Verrde

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