Wednesday, June 3, 2015

May 24, 2015 - Puerto Escondido (the first time) and Isla Danzante

We motored north from Agua Verde and had plans to anchor at Isla Dazante where Honeymoon cove is.  At looking at the anchorages that were even free from vessels, we did not like the conditions.  The seafloor is a bit steep-too making us feel close to shore.  The one we may have liked had some kayak campers there so we decided to head over to Puerto Escondido and dinghy over sometime when it was calm.  We arrived and took one of the mooring balls available.  You can anchor or use a ball but they do charge you no matter which you choose.  This is considered a hurricane hole so we are expecting calm conditions although all of our nights recently have been nice and calm.  Later that afternoon sv Pesto came in so we were glad to see them.  We knew they were coming in today.  Appetizers on their boat one evening and dinner on ours the next day with them.  
Adagio on the morring ball in Puerto Escondido.  beautiful!
Making cupcakes

We took a trip over to Isla Dizante and Honeymoon Cove with the crew of sv Pesto.  The ride over and back was a bit bumpy but the kids thought it was great fun.  We hiked the trail for some beautiful views before coming back and swimming in the bay.
Landing party
Cindy and Raquel

Kevin, Paulo and Alex trying to pass us

Lots of fun in the water back at sv Pesto and our boat.

Kids and toys playing around sv Pesto
Cindy running off of the paddleboatd
The unfinished marina Fonatur area

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