Wednesday, June 10, 2015

May 26, 2015 - Isla Coronados

The places we are stopping are just getting more and more beautiful.  Everything about Isla Coronados is spectacular from the clear blue water to the volcano cone looming in the background.  We spent two nights here and can see returning for more time as it was spectacular.  We had planned to upload some great video here but could not as the wifi was way too slow.  Here are some beautiful photos!

A dinghy ride to shore to beautiful pristine water and fine sand beach.  
Cindy running with her beach towel tied to her; trying to make a parachute.
We anchored to the north side, here shows rocky south side and Isla Coronados to the left
Now we need umbrellas for shade, a must in this beautiful location!
Lovely beach to play on.  We had it all to ourselves.
Steve carrying Kevin to the dinghy.  Trying to keep his feet dry from salt water
as the psoriasis on his feet  have made some cracks and some stinging spots when wet.
Heading back toward out boat
Water is over 80 degrees now and fun swimming
Kevin enjoying the water
The squirt guns come out
 We decided to do the difficult hike up to the top of the volcano here on the island.  We knew it was not going to be easy and got to shore to start around 10am, before the heat of the day.  We had a great deal of water and some snacks to hopefully hold us until we returned.  It is only a couple of miles but a bit of a hill to get up there.  As we started, we were not quite sure we were on the right trail but the one we started in was great with rocks lining the trail to keep us in the right path.  The trailhead sign said to expect 1 hour and 45 minutes to get to the top of this highly difficult trail.  I feel like we walk fast but we did hit their mark almost exactly in timing.  From the boat you can only see the final part of the trail and we soon figured out why when we ended up walking on the rocks for much of the way.  They were wonderful though in that there are piles of rocks to follow to help keep you in the right path and in the areas where you cannot quite see a depression from all the previous hikers.  

The first part of the trail is easy to follow
This hike looks EASY!
Walking, walking, walking - this is a small hill before the bigger hill
Walking and taking breaks on the rocks
Our hike, the volcano cone in the background!
Life is everywhere here, despite it being hot and dry
The anchorage as viewed from part way up the volcano.  Adagio in the middle.
Taking a break.  We found a tiny patch of semi-shade to rest in.
At the top!  What a workout this hike was.
360 degree view from the top
Hummingbird flying around the top of the volcano
Looking for interesting souvenirs.  Black lava rock that looks like obsidian.

incredible scenery with spectacular waters.  
Done with the hard part, back to the easy portion of the trail.

End of the hike, cooling off our hot feet!

One final excursion to another beach on this lovely island to try snorkeling.  The kids were not up for it so just Steve and I snorkeled from shore to see the fish.  It was a bit murky so not as spectacular as some other days and locations.
Cindy and Kevin trying to stay in the shade
Kevin stacking up bones.  We are trying to find out what these are
Waiting for us once again to get back to the boat.

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