Sunday, June 28, 2015

June 18, 2015 - Caleta Algodones

We arrived at 8am, 12.5 hours after leaving Punta Chivato at 7:30pm the previous evening for a 70nm passage across the sea.  The voyage started with a bit of sea swell coming in directly off our bow so we had a bit of a smooth hobby-horsing effect.  Zappa is a little out of practice with the motion of the ocean so he quickly got sick,  poor cat.  He then just slept the rest of the trip.  The seas were for the most part smooth until about 5am when the winds were building from the SE and sea state a bit more rough.  Kids slept through it all and Steve and I took shifts overnight.   When we encountered the windy time for the last 3 hours, it reminded us of our crossing the sea from San Jose Del Cabo to Mazatlan and how the conditions were the same; smooth except for the last few hours.  This may be some localized weather as this 25 knot wind was not in the forecasts we consulted!  We only encountered one boat the whole night!  In fact, since leaving Puerto Esondido, we have only encountered a handful of vessels.   Where have all the boaters gone?  We can only imagine they are seeking cooler temperatures as it is getting quite warm here in the Sea.
Sunset as we leave Punta Chivato
This fish came aboard in the wee hours of the morning, we released it back
Big jump to get on deck, maybe 7-8ft.  Small fish, big jump!
Anchorage in Caleta Algodones
As we were arriving I looked at the guide book to find out the morning net in the area is on VHF 74, a channel we have not monitored previously and it is scheduled to start at 8am.  At 8am I had it on and ready, but heard nothing.  As Steve and I talked, first we thought we missed it.  Then we remembered there was a time change so maybe we were an hour late.  We went on to other things as we get the boat ready to stay at anchor and soon a message comes up stating the net is in 5 minutes.  We are now an hour earlier than the other side of the sea.  The net lasted a very brief 5 minutes, which we could barely hear as it is "controlled" by a boat in another bay, behind a big hill from us.  Only about 5 or so vessels check in – things are slowing down here for the season as well.  The Time zones have been interesting to try to keep track of and quite funny that we have many conversations about them.  We are in MST (Mountain Standard Time) in Sonora Mexico like Arizona and yesterday on the other side of the sea we were in MDT (Mountain Daylight Time).  So even though we came east we went back in time which now puts us in PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) clock time – same as at home in Washington.  Some parts of Mexico observe daylight savings, others not.  Also, the Mexican change to daylight savings happens on a different day than in the US.  It has been quite confusing at times for us to know what time it is!  So mv Adagio is right now at 9:30am MST and at home in La Conner WA it is also 9:30am PDT.  In all my database work, I don’t think I worked with MDT and would find it interesting now to play around with this time element MST.    

After a morning of chores and some schooling, we ventured to shore.  Again, the guide book mentions a resort/hotel and we can see their wifi.  But it appears to be closed too!  We believe though that they may be open with just a few guests but decided not to try to eat out there.  We played in the nice warm 80+ degree water and in the sand dunes for a few hours before coming back to the boat for the evening.  The sand was too hot to walk on without shoes.
Sand dunes!  Beautiful but the sand was too hot to walk around on!
Kevin trying to catch some air

Our beach spot, looking northwest.  Our dinghy anchored just offshore, and
our umbrella on the beach.
some waves here!

The kids are trying to make some pesos.  I bought some of the items below and each made 6 pesos.
Cindy's collection to try to sell
Kevin's collection to try to sell.
Heading back toward the boat and beautiful homes
This south end of the bay is lined with nice homes
Sunset from our anchorage

We are leaving the boat soon so our conversations revolve around our trip home and which way to go but most importantly, things to do to the boat to put it away.  We brought much too much from home initially that should go back to La Conner and not come back to Mexico, so the RV will help us transport it all.  I had looked into options for vehicle and truck rentals and it actually was better to just purchase an RV.  With everything to go home, and the items that need to return to Mexico, and don’t forget our cat, buying an RV was the best solution. 

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