Saturday, June 27, 2015

June 16, 2015 - Punta Chivato

We left at about noon to head north and spend the night and the next day at Punta Chivato.  We were looking forward to eating dinner out as the guide book shows a nice hotel/restaurant right at the beach near the anchorage.  After the easy 4 hour run, 22nm, we arrive to find out it is closed and many of the homes here are closed up for the season.  Overnight I believe out of approximately 20 waterfront homes, we only saw a couple house lights on. 

The kids and Steve explored the closed-up resort on the point here.  We would have stayed here had it been open and we needed a place to stay, it appeared to be really nice lodging when it was open.  We speculated whether the hurricane Odile last year caused the closure but what damage was seen was due to aging and neglect rather than the hurricane.  Here are some of their favorite photos.

They came to pick me up for a dinghy to shore at the shelling beach.  On our way in the dinghy we saw many yellow tail tuna swimming.   We felt as if we should get out the fishing poles.  We caught some tuna back in Banderas Bay, but I have failed to make a good marinade the few times I have been cooking it, and we have just thrown it overboard as it has not been tasty.  I need to get the marinade that Jude from sv Sarita prepared our tuna in for dinner when back in Puerto Escondido.  Jude – I will be emailing you as that was very yummy!  You could spend hours at this beach just looking for shells; there must be millions of them.  There was what appeared to be an unfinished, potentially beautiful restaurant that was being built here at one point in the past. 

Finally, after lunch on our last excursion we went around the point to the sand dunes and sandy beach out there.  Seagulls lined the shore and there was a great deal of seaweed.  The kids swam in the water a bit with some small breaking waves.  Seems like a long time since we have seen breaking waves.
Cindy looking for some air time
Kevin also trying to launch into the air
Kids looking for some waves, not much...........
Kids now throwing sand!

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