Saturday, June 20, 2015

June 12, 2015 - Bahia Concepcíon - Posada Concepcíon

After a long day of cruising, we entered Bahia Concepcíon.  The voyage was calm and conditions great for this run north.  It was a bit breezy right at the entrance but the sea state was still fine.  We could not hear the SSB net in the morning for weather and we had heard that there was an update on the Tropical storm or Hurricane Carlos.  We could not get internet access so Steve was able to text with Pat and Doug and get us an update.  The storm was building to hurricane strength but was stalled far south in Mexico near Acapulco.  Predictions were that it would be at least 5 days before it would get up to our location, so we decided to stay a while in Bahia Concepcion and watch the storm’s progress from here.  Had it been quickly headed toward us our plans would have certainly changed. 

We anchored in Posada Concepcíon.  A cute cove with two sailboats that are unoccupied.  Some nice homes line this cove and the main highway runs quite near the water’s edge.  Unfortunately, the noise of semi-truck compression braking is an all too common and very loud disturbance in this otherwise tranquil location.  The homes were all vacant except for one or two, we expect these are people who go elsewhere for the summer.  In fact the entire run north (and now in here) we see no other cruising boats.  We cannot figure out why it may be, except that it has been hot with temperatures in the upper 90’s, high humidity, and water temperatures in the low 80’s (surface sea temperatures seem more like 90 in the afternoons).  It just so happened that we were able to connect to an unsecured wifi here so were able to get weather and send some emails out.  We spent a few days here which were quiet and calm.  Steve was able to work on the hull some more as growth on the bottom is incredible! The kids are finishing up their homeschooling.  

exploring by dinghy
We went snorkeling at Isla San Ramon via the dinghy.  Beautiful water and fish.
Steve and Cindy being funny, using fins to look higher out of the water
there are Panamic Sergeant Major fish

Round Stingray

Kevin diving 

There is a rugged hike here that we were not prepared to complete, but the beginning section has some ancient Amerindian petroglyphs that we were able to explore after going ashore in Playa El Burro.

Cruising has changed during our time in the Sea of Cortez.  What an amazing place and one that needs a great deal more time to explore.  We have found that our hydraulic stabilizers used underway have not been needed in these calm seas.  Our anchor stabilizers have also not been needed since leaving the La Paz area as the anchorages have all been nice and calm.  The heat is something we are all trying to get used to.  The boat warms during the day and cannot cool at night without a good breeze – we know we need more fans now.  Steve and I have each found a spot outside to sleep and Cindy chooses the salon or pilothouse.  Kevin is good on the middle bunk in the forward stateroom as there is a fan blowing right on him.  The salon is the warmest room in our boat.  We do have air conditioning onboard, but we don’t want to run the generator all day every day.  It’s noisy, smelly, and uses about a gallon of diesel per hour.  

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  1. Looks like you guys are ready to join a synchronized swimming and/or diving team...

    Aunt Doofus