Wednesday, June 3, 2015

May 25, 2015 - Isla Carmen - Puerto Ballandra

This stop was another beautiful one.  Since we left Puerto Escondido at first light, we arrived by 9:30am.  Calm conditions for the voyage and inside the beautiful cove when we aproached.  Steve completed the first two solar panel mounts so that he does not have to use sticks and poles.  This way they are secure in all positions as well.  The kids did some homeschool, we are getting close to being finished now.  We also hiked up, or rather scrambled up, one of the hills.  It was a hiking path but rugged in places.  After all that fun, I went snorkeling from the boat.  The water is really clear and I was able to see many fish and a school of hundreds or thousands swimming by.  

Cindy and Kevin waiting in the dinghy to go back to boat
Here is a video of the fish going by me while snorkeling

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