Saturday, June 13, 2015

June 9, 2015 - Puerto Escondido (the second time)

We spent a week and a half back at Puerto Escondido.  All plans were to continue to head north but we had a lead on an RV to purchase so we went south back here.  Steve was taking a flight the following day to Phoenix to look and purchase an RV.  The post to describe his week will be in another blog entry as he went by himself while the kids and I stayed on mv Adagio for the week tied on to a mooring ball.   The week was busy and fun with home school, boat chores, and having other kid boats around.

Kevin showing the other kids how to get up on the surf board
Some of the fish that went by daily!
Calm days, nights and mornings in this beautiful spot
Two Pelicans

We rented a car to take Steve to the airport so we had time for some breakfast out and a bit of shopping.  Loreto is a cute town!
A cute store with lots of things to buy
Cindy at a viewpoint on the highway back from Loreto
Playground in Loreto
Nice trees lining the road
The malecon here.  Quiet since it is only about 10am
Mission de Nuestra Senora de Loreto Concho
Puerto Escondido area from the highway
sv Coastal Drifter  Debra and Phil, takes all the kids in to shore
Savanna, Cindy and Sierra as we are heading out for dinner
lining up on the boat deck for jumping off the boat
Kevin ready for some action
Savanna, Cindy and Sierra
Lines for jumping off at night
Zappa wishing for a chance at the seagull
Cindy, Kevin and Zappa going for a ride over to the other boats

We had the three kid boats over for dinner of sushi (from our tuna from freezer), BBQ and wonderful dinner. Jude, Katya and Adriana were kind enough to make a whole lot of sushi.
Vessels:  sv Coastal Drifter, sv Pesto and sv Sarita
Party on mv Adagio.  Steve, Richard, Debra, Jude, Adriana, Phil
Mostly the same photo but with Jude taking picture and me in it!

5 girl sleepover - they take over the salon
Pancakes for breakfast - Cindy, Savanna's arm, Katya, Sierra and Raquel

We went for a hike up the canyon, the Sierra de la Giganta range.  There has not been rain for quite some time so until we reached the end of the line for our hiking group, we had not seen any water.

Steve rushed back from the USA as we were expecting the Hurricane/Tropical storm Blanca to affact us in the sea.  We were already in the perfect hurricane hole for it, we just needed to batten down the hatches!  The winds gusted to no more than 42 knots for us and even the rain was not too bad, only heavy in the morning.  So although it took a day to pass us, all was fine in the boat.
Steve adding a second line to the mooring ball.

We once again had to say goodbye to some friends that we will miss.  Some we will see again and some we will not.  The kids and Steve and I have made some wonderful new friends.

The kids, the last time together

Tripui restaurant/hotel - playing in the pool
We thought hotel Tripui would take us back in the back of a pickup truck.  Nope.......

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