Sunday, June 14, 2015

June 11, 2015 - San Juanico

We spent a lovely day and a half in San Juanico.  We arrived at this popular stop with no other vessels around, nor did we pass any boats on our 5-6 hour passage to get here.  On our second day a small sailing vessel came in and anchored nearby, but that was it.  This is a picturesque cove and quiet, other than the construction on a small set of buildings/homes going on.  The water was calm and we watched and listened to the rays jumping out of the water constantly through the day and night.  Turning on our underwater lights, we were able to see hundreds of fish in the water.  We have left the other kid boats so we are back to our quiet lifestyle.  Other than the home contruction, the only noises were those from nature.  No cars, no planes, no voices, etc.  VERY Peaceful.

Beautiful rock formations

This duck and another came by the boat a few times.  Zappa gave a swat at one that was just
off of our swimstep.  Fortunately he missed.

Layers and layers of sandstone
Big shells here!
The cruiser's shrine - a tree with handmade decorations hanging
from branches left by previous visitors to this bay.
Shade from a tree, nice!  Shade is not easy to find in this part of Mexico
Cindy waiting to go back to the boat
Fish gather in our underwater lights.

Fish in the underwater lights

What would a new location be without a hike?  We hiked up a trail in the bay up a hill.  Beautiful landscape here.

Cindy and Steve on the way up the ridge trail

Kevin and Cindy sitting on some geographical marker.
mv Adagio in background to the left

Our dinghy at the lower left.  Adagio just to the right of center.
It was very hot during this hike.  No wind to cool us off.

Interesting cactus,

Looking toward the south and east.  Many lovely and unoccupied
beaches line this entire coastline.

Zappa is NOT enjoying the Mexican summer.  It is HOT here now.
The rocks with rays and a bird 
Sunrise and motoring out to head north.  We left San Juanico at 6:00AM

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