Sunday, June 21, 2015

June 15, 2015 - Bahia Concepcíon, Playa Coyote & Isla Coyote (Bargo)

This could be one of our favorite locations on our trip.  We had this small anchorage to ourselves on this deserted island, so no homes or highway 1 noise to listen to.  Private and quaint although tourists do come by panga or on kayaks out here.  Most stay for an hour or two and are then gone.  The water was beautiful and snorkeling amazing on both sides of the island.  Clear water and no stinging jellyfish!  The water in the afternoon at the surface felt over 90 degrees and 2 feet down it is 82 degrees (according to our depth sounder).  You could certainly feel the temperature decline when you dove down.  Steve was able to spend another couple hours cleaning the bottom of the boat.  We are ready for the crossing of the Sea with no barnacles or sea life clinging to our hull to slow us down!  Air temperatures during the afternoon again were in the upper 90’s and humidity high.  Steve and I slept outside until just after midnight when the mosquitoes buzzing were too annoying to sleep through.  Another hot night and we are finding it hard to sleep.  I know, we complained about unpleasant seas at night just a month ago so this is a replacement complaint! 

Our own private island! Anchorage and island to ourselves
Cindy feeding the fish
Kevin feeding the fish
 We went snorkeling around the other side of the island in some nice warm and clear water
Cindy diving down to the bottom
Indigo Wrasse 

Bullseye Puffer
Cortez Angelfish
Kevin with the dinghy anchor, letting it sink him 
Cindy with the dinghy anchor.  The kids would bring to surface and
let it take them to the bottom, only about 7 feet deep
very clear water.

Dinghy ride back to the boat
Dinner on the flybridge to stay cool in the light breeze

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