Monday, May 18, 2015

May 11, 2015 - La Paz

La Paz is a completely different experience for us with this last visit.  We had two kid boats and were in a marina for a week.  What fun for the kids.  We had not seen sv Pesto (Adriana, Alex, Paulo and Raquel) since we left Oregon last fall and were excited when they pulled in right next to us.  They have been buddy-boating or traveling together with sv Coastal Drifter (Debbie, Phil, Sierra, and Savanna).  It was great to have time together with all of them, Kevin had a buddy and the girls all got along together very well.

Marina Cortez with sv Coastal Drifter, mv Adagio, and sv Pesto
Egret on the end of our dock
We have round port holes and this is Zappa cat wanting to sleep in the sun with it coming through one.
Kevin in the kitchen after working on breakfast for us
Zappa likes to make sure the kids are working on their school work
any box is a distraction though.  Cindy made this open and Zappa went for it, a bit small but still fun.
beautiful sunset from the marina
There is fun everywhere.  Even on a fender for the dock!
Paulo and Kevin on a swingset
The kiddos:  Kevin, Sierra, Raquel, Cindy, Savanna and Paulo

Dinner:  Steve, Kathy, Phil, Debbie, Adriana and Alex

Road trip by rented car to Todos Santos on the Pacific Ocean side.  We did a trip there for some surfing and then around a loop to Cabo San Lucas for a Costco provision.  After that a long drive back up to La Paz.
Todos Santos main street.  They seem to be doing major road construction.
Beautiful quaint little town.
\After that tour we were off on the pacific coast to Los Cerritos.  The kids took a surfing lesson.

Kevin and his instructor headed out
Cindy headed out with her instructor, a 5 time national champion here in Mexico

 Mother;s Day dinner out.   What fun!  Steve's sister Pat and friend Doug came from the USA and had just arrived in time for a nice dinner.
Adults:  Phil, Steve, Kathy, Doug, Pat, Alex with Raquel and Kevin
Kevin, Raquel and Paulo
Cindy, Raquel, Paulo and Savanna
Dock games, a guessing game
Girls with Legos!
Dock water fight
Dock water fight 
Everyone getting into the slide Zappa cat game!
Below, a video of the cat enjoying a ride.

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