Monday, May 11, 2015

May 5, 3015 - Ensenada Del Candelero

A short stop but well worth it on our way back to La Paz.  There are a couple islands here with reefs that are just beautiful.  Several long-time cruisers in this area told us the snorkeling is fantastic.  We set the anchor and were off the boat for snorkeling within half an hour or so.  There were some college students doing research and recording so we tried to stay a bit clear of them.  The water and fish were amazing and what a nice stop.  We may have spent approximately an hour there and then were off to stay in Marina Cortez in La Paz for some good sleeping conditions, rest and provisioning before family comes to visit.  

Looking from the beach out toward the rocks and reefs.  Adagio on the right
blue spotted star
Brown Urchin
Panamic Cushion Star
Giant Damselfish

Bradley's sea star
Cindy swimming to touch the fish
The rock with the reef
Beautiful scenery here, behind Adagio

Interesting eroded sandstone features abound in this bay.

a second reef extends from this great outcropping of sandstone

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