Monday, May 11, 2015

May 1, 2015 - Isla San Francisco, North Anchorage

We left fairly early this morning for Isla Pardito.  Winds were forecast for WSW 7-9 and we wanted to snorkel and visit the little island village of residents there.  Soon after leaving San Evaristo the winds picked up from SE and the seas were dominated by wind waves maybe a couple feet and quite close together.  We decided for the north island anchorage to get out of the wind and hope it calmed down for a visit over to the village.  Anchoring, we were in about 25knots of wind.  Fine since arrived as the only boat in the area and the anchorage is very large.  We had choppy seas since the winds still made their way over the island hill to us.  We decided to wait and hope for calmer seas. As we readied ourselves for a dinghy ride over to the island to visit and snorkel the wind picked up.  It calmed once again as the time we were coming back to the boat and a little late to head over there.  The following day we decided to stay and head over to Pardito.  We snorkeled for a little while although there were 10-15knot winds.  Beautiful and bigger fish seem to like that area.  Some panga fisherman from the village came over to say hi.  Very nice!   

In the afternoon we decided to take a hike or scramble up the hills here for a view.  It turned out to be a wonderful and beautiful hike.  We were able to see the south anchorage from up there too which was a nice treat. 

Our second night was a sleepless night.  Winds started blowing up to 30 knots from the north west at 12:30am which allowed for seas to build and us to start that hobby-horse effect.  We were not really concerned about our anchor but the noise and movement was xxxxxxxx.   Winds were forecast to be from the WSW 7-9 knots, and we were experiencing NW 30 knots.  Had we known the forecast was once again way off, we might have picked a different anchorage.

another beautiful sunset
on our hike up the hills
Kevin on the ridge

Walking the ridge
Walking on the flats/dried flat
The kids chased this little gecko until he finally just froze!
Up on the hill
Steve almost fell but no worries, he is fine!

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