Friday, May 8, 2015

April 26, 2015 - Isla San Jose - Amortajada

We anchored on the south end of this island hoping for shelter from north winds overnight.  There was a group of boats traveling together, maybe 4 or 5, that will fill a bay when they arrive.  Fortunately for us , they chose to anchor in the north anchorage so we were happy where we we were, all by ourselves in a large anchoring area.   It was quite windy during the day and in the late afternoon we decided to head into the mangroves via the dinghy.  The tide had come up and we thought we would be able to enter the narrow break in the rock spit.  We entered without issue but some of the area was quite shallow.  We could see puffer fish and rays swimming under our dinghy in the extremely clear water.  By the time we were leaving and heading out to the boat, the winds calmed down some so we did not get wet on our return trip.

While these mangroves were interesting, they pale in comparison to the ones we explored in Mantanchen and Tenacatita, on the mainland coast.

Cruising through the mangroves

Wandering through the mangroves.  Cindy watching for navigational hazards

Cindy relaxing on the dinghy

Kevin.  His hair is getting quite blonde now after months
in the sunny Mexican climate.

and another Zappa cat shot in his box

a view of the boat from the inside at the mangroves

OK, another beautiful sunset

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